責任條款Liability Clause

  1. 行程一經確認後,請依付款期限內完成付款,否則恕無法保證機位與訂房OK。
  2. 套裝旅遊之機票及住宿不可分開使用,且不可轉讓、單獨退票、更改航線,並請遵守機票之使用規定,一經使用,其他未使用部份無退費價值。
  3. 出發日期與飯店入住日期需相同。
  4. 立榮套裝產品:去程機票限當日使用,回程機票不可於出發當日使用,回程機票自出發日起14天有效。
  5. 旅客使用機票、旅遊券或訂購證明單辦理登記手續時,應出示身分證明文件。
  6. 請於出發日班機起飛前30分鐘至機場櫃台報到,若未能準時到達約定地點致未能出發,亦未能中途加入旅遊者,將視同放棄,旅遊費用不予退還。
  7. 本區所有產品價格均已內含稅額及服務費,其它旅遊券或訂購證明單上未註明之服務,如行李小費、旅館洗衣費、飲料、電話費、行李超重費等,需由旅客支付且不含稅。
  8. 出發當日如遇天候惡劣等不可抗力因素導致航空公司因安全理由必須延遲或取消該班次,航空公司保有更動當日搭乘班次之權利。
  9. 飯店入住時間一般為下午3:00;退房時間一般為中午12:00前。旅客如有任何提前入房或延後退房之需求,請逕與飯店聯繫。國內套裝產品提供之房間均為一般客房,額外要求如指定樓層、禁煙與非禁煙、房間升等或臨時增加住房人數及續住等需自付差額事項,旅客於入住時向旅館洽詢並付清差額。
  1. After the itinerary is confirmed, please complete the payment before due date or we could not guarantee the status of flight and hotel booking is OK.
  2. For a package tour, the flight ticket and accommodation cannot be used or refunded separately or transferred, and the routes cannot be changed. Please follow the terms of use of the flight ticket. Once it is used, any other unused parts of the package cannot be refunded.
  3. The flight departure date should be the same with the hotel’s check-in date.
  4. UNI AIR’s tour package: The departure flight ticket is valid only on date/ flight shown. The return flight ticket is not allowed to use on the same day as departure flight and the validity of return flight ticket is up to one month from the departure date.
  5. When checking-in, passengers should present the identification documents.
  6. Please check in at least 30 minutes prior to your departure flight at the airport counter. Any member who fails to arrive at the designated location on time and consequently fails to depart, and also fails to join the tour later on, will be deemed to have waived his/her rights and will not be refunded.
  7. The prices of all products shown here include taxes and service charges. Travellers must pay for the services not listed on the travel voucher or purchase certificate, such as bell staff/porter tips, hotel laundry charge, drinks, telephone fee and excess baggage charge.
  8. On the day of departure, should there be any event of force majeure, such as bad weather, that leads to delay or cancellation of the flight by the airline due to safety reasons, the airline reserves the right to change the flight for the day.
  9. In general, the check-in time of the hotel is 3:00 PM and the check-out time is before 12:00 noon. If you need to check in earlier or check out later, please contact the hotel directly. The room choices provided in domestic package tours are standard rooms. For self-payment requests regarding specific floor, smoking or non-smoking room, room upgrade, additional guest, and stay extension, please consult the hotel upon checking in and pay the amount difference.
  10. For the airport pick-up service offered by the hotel, please contact the hotel directly regarding the pick-up time.
  11. For complaints such as unsatisfactory meal service, service quality or attitude, please report to the hotel or us to protect your rights.
  12. The flight tickets are not allowed to be used in the embargo period. (Embargo period please refer to UNI AIR’s announcement.)

行程變更Change the itinerary

  1. 出發當日恕不接受行程變更及現場更改艙等之申請。
  2. 行程更改及票券變更時,若訂位訂房無法確認,旅客應按原訂妥之行程出發,否則按取消規定辦理退票,旅客不得要求全額退費。
  3. 開票後若旅客姓名錯誤,依改票規定收取更改費用;若更換出發旅客,視同取消。
  4. 旅客如開票後須變更住宿日期、房型、班次及旅客姓名,恕不保證可保留原訂班次及機位數,並以客服人員實際作業回覆為主。
航空套裝假期 更改住宿日期、班次及旅客姓名
出發日前8天前 收取 500元
出發日當天及出發日前第1日至7天以內 依行程取消規定辦理
The rate is charge per person
  1. Changing the itinerary or booking class at the airport counter on the departure date is not allowed.
  2. If the booking for itinerary or for hotel cannot be confirmed in case of your proposed itinerary change, you must depart according to the original plan or apply for a refund according to the Cancellation Policy, which is subject to the refund/cancellation fee.
  3. Only the cases of “Changing Passenger Name” for the same person with a misspelling error or typo can be free of handling fees. To transfer the booked ticket to a different person, please follow the Cancellation Policy.
  4. If you need to change the accommodation date, room type, flight, or passenger name within four days before the departure date, we cannot guarantee the availability of the original flight and number of seats, and the procedure is subject to the actual process and reply of the customer service staff.
UNI Air tour package Change accommodation date, flight and name
8 days before the departure date Charge TWD500
On the departure date and within 1 to 7 days before departure date Charge according to the terms of “Cancel the itinerary”.

行程取消Cancel the itinerary

依觀光局頒佈定型化契約規定辦理 , 收費標準以每人計
出發日前8天之前 收取旅遊費用15%
出發日前第4至第7天以內 收取旅遊費用30%
出發日前第1至第3天以內 收取旅遊費用50%
出發當日 收取旅遊費用100%
  1. 部份成員不克成行而必須變更房間型態(不克成行者如有退費需求請參照上述規定時間前事先告知),旅客須於出發前辦理變更及補足差額; 而不克前往者則按取消規定辦理。變更後恕不保證可保留原訂班次或機位數,並以客服人員實際作業回覆為主。
  2. 退票作業:退票時需檢付機票、旅遊券及發票,並於一個月內(以旅遊住宿日為準)接受退費辦理,逾期視同自動放棄。
  3. 退款作業:各項退款申請,僅接受依原付款方式之相同方式退款;恕不接受不同於原付款方式之退款申請。

訂購航空套裝旅遊產品,如遇颱風來襲,除因航空公司班機取消可辦理全額退費外,若航班正常起降 仍將依正常取消手續費用辦理退費。

According to the standard contract released by Tourism Bureau, the rate is charged per
UNI Air tour package Cancellation charge
8 days before departure date 15% of total price
Within 4 to 7 days before departure date 30% of total price
Within 1 to 3 days before departure date 50% of total price
On the departure date 100% of total price
  1. If any of the member(s) cannot make the trip and the room type needs to be changed, you must make the changes and pay the amount difference before the departure. For the member(s) who cannot make the trip, if a refund is needed, please notify us within the deadline specified above and follow the Cancellation Policy. We cannot guarantee the availability of the original flight and number of seats once changes have been made. Changes are subject to the actual process and reply of the customer service staff.
  2. Ticket Cancellation: When cancelling a ticket, please attach the flight ticket, travel voucher and receipt, and apply for refund within one month from the departure date. Application after the deadline is deemed as a waiver.
  3. Refund: For all refund applications, refunds are limited to the original method of payment. The applications requesting refunds by different means will not be accepted.
Delay or Cancellation Due to Typhoon:

For UNI Holidays’tour packages, in the case of a typhoon, a full refund can be applied for due to cancellation of the flight by the airline. If the flight operates normally, the Cancellation Policy will apply to cancellation and refund, which is subject to the refund/cancellation fee.

取件方式How to collect your vouchers

  1. 開立電子機票:「立榮航空」之套裝產品將開立電子機票(不另行開立實體機票及住宿券),請於出發日班機起飛前30分鐘至機場櫃台憑身份證領取 登機證、辦理劃位事宜。
  2. 與套裝所包裝之票券如住宿券、門票券、泡湯券及旅遊超值套券等採用郵寄方式者將以掛號寄送票券商品。
  3. 自取:請依客服人員通知的時間,親至易飛網國際旅行社(台北市中正區衡陽路51號2樓之1)領取。
  1. Issue electronic tickets: UNI AIR’s tour package will issue electronic tickets (paper tickets and hotel vouchers will not be issued). Please collect your boarding pass and complete the check-in process at least 30 minutes prior to your departure flight at the airport counter with your identification document.
  2. Vouchers contained in the package tour (including accommodation voucher, entrance tickets, hot spring voucher, super value package voucher, etc.) will be posted via registered mail.
  3. If you would like to collect the vouchers by yourself, please proceed to ezfly’s office at 2F.-1, No.51, Hengyang Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City.
*** UNI AIR preserve the right of flight reschedule ***